A Love Note From the Studio Owner, Jane Bahneman: Life {Hacked}

Hello Nectars!

January is historically a very busy month for yoga and fitness studios. Folks make their resolutions and roll out their yoga mats, and we are here to support their journey every step of the way. This means that for us, the yoga teachers and studio employees, our new year commitments often get put on the back burner for a few weeks.

Around mid-January this year, I felt like everything was under control. My to-do list felt manageable, at last. Finally, I could take a few moments to address my own personal 2020 dreams.

Then, a curveball.

Our Nectar Yoga Studios website got “hacked”.

So you’ve heard of “life hacks”, right? Bloggers and Instagram-ers alike, sharing their tidbits of little ways that will profoundly simplify our daily existence!

But what happens when your life actually gets HACKED? You know those moments – when the train rolls right off the rails, when the wheels fall off the bus, so to speak.

I’ve learned, you can fall apart, or you can fall forward. Meaning, what seems like a setback can actually move you closer to success at an improved rate of speed – if you are willing to allow it to be uncomfortably so.

As our website experienced downtime over an extended period, as the ripple effects impacted our online experience, as our beloved patrons were inconvenienced, I did what I could do: stayed calm, took it one step at a time, tried to take some valuable new information in and grow from the experience.

Here are three universal lessons, “life hacks” if you will, that I learned in the muck last week. Now I’m sharing them with you. Perhaps they resonate.

1. You don’t know what you don’t know, and that is simply a part of the journey.
I thought I “knew” and believed I’d taken every imaginable “right” step. But we don’t know what we don’t know, and sometimes we may not even know what to ask. And plans can be perfectly laid out in every way and things can still go awry. Our awareness elevates with each experience we have on this planet, in every domain, if we are willing to keep an open mind. Instead of beating yourself up, show yourself some grace. Maybe the mantra “And now I know” works for you, as it has for me.

2. Even when we think we (finally!) have it all together, the Universe giggles wildly.
I’m sure you have heard the saying “control is an illusion”? What fun would life be if everything were actually 100% predictable? That might feel safe some days, of course. But we are resilient and bendable creatures, custom-designed for a wild ride! So when things take a hard left instead of a predictable right, dig deeper and remind yourself that this life is for, well, living. Never failing at anything means you are probably not trying new stuff – so get out there and get dirty in the mud!

3. Perspective is everything.
Many hours were spent behind the scenes with my digital gurus, and in the front of the house with my team. One week after the hack, we still were not fully up and running. Feeling defeated, I logged off. Then I walked in to teach class at PNY. Peering out into a room full of faces ready to practice, I literally heard myself say out loud to our cOMmunity “It has been a stressful week. At this very moment, I’m reminded what this studio is all about, and it isn’t about some digital experience. Thanks for being here, thanks for showing up, now let’s do yoga together.” Remember your Why?, because that makes even the most difficult of days manageable.

With new eyes, a few new life hacks, (and a LIVE website!) off we go into February! On Sat. February 8, I will lead one of my favorite workshops entitled “Set Your Gaze and Go” from 12:30-2:30 pm at Power Nectar Yoga. We will put framework around your 2020 goals while tackling how to handle the unexpected curveballs – and the big topic of how to enjoy the “now” while looking towards the “next”. I hope you will join me for a fun afternoon together!

Thank you for choosing Nectar Yoga Studios. This past weekend, we celebrated Blue’s 6th Birthday together!

I have said it once, and I will say it again: without you, our studios are just drywall, paint, flooring, lights, and plumbing. YOU bring it to life every day, and you create the magic in these spaces.

You belong here, and we appreciate you beyond words.