Find More Professional Success through Personal Achievements

By Christina Kauffmann, Nectar Yoga Studios Community Coordinator and Instructor

Work-life balance?! You mean you can achieve greatness in whatever work you do by taking care of yourself first? YES.

In today’s society, especially in the DMV area, success and productivity can often be defined by the amount of money earned, time worked, and how many tasks are completed in one day. Deadlines must be met, bills must be paid, but life still needs to be lived and time must be spent wisely. Ultimately, the work you do on a daily basis will only be as good as the way you take care of yourself. We are all trying to juggle work, personal and social life, sleep, nutrition, and stress while creating this facade that we have it all under control. 

The first step to living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle is to make the commitment to put yourself first. From there you will witness the rest of the pieces fall into place with less effort. Healthy habits can be hard to develop and often require changing your mindset. A healthy habit is any behavior that benefits your physical, mental, and emotional health which improves your overall well-being and self-confidence. 

Below are just 3 general ways to create a better work-life balance:

  • Self-care 

  • Your body needs plenty of rest, nutritious food, and healthy movement. Self-care looks different for everyone depending on what is needed the most. Find moments to pause during busy days and check-in with what it is that you need to be the best version of you. Find time to rest, replenish with a healthy meal, take a walk, or read are all small ways to make a big difference in how you take care of yourself. 


  • Organization

  • Returning to the idea that we all have multiple tasks to juggle on a daily basis, it is essential to stay organized to keep the mind clear and working at its best. Again, there are different ways you can do this that works best for you. Maintaining a planner, spreadsheet or calendar of everything you want to accomplish will also show where you are able to find downtime to prioritize those self-care tips above!


  • Unplug

  • LITERALLY. Constant stimulation from technology in all different forms, whether for business or pleasure can cause physical and mental challenges that negatively affect your ability to find a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Over time, brain fatigue, eye strain, neck pain, sleep disruption, and loss of attention span can occur from constantly living in a world through the digital screen. Unless necessary, electronics can be distracting and ultimately take us out of the present moment. So next time you find yourself scrolling through social media, or answering an email “just because”, try picking up a book or starting up a conversation instead. 


Interested in learning more about yourself and how you can create a better work-life balance?

Join Rachel Boehm for a 90-min workshop to introduce you to the concept of whole-health. In this workshop, you will learn the initial steps for how to nourish your mind-body connection, manage stress, improve sleep, and make nutritious choices that support your lifestyle and goals. Following this workshop, you can continue the work in a 6-week Mind-Body Reboot. This 6-week small group coaching series will allow you to dive deeper into the concept of whole-health, and help you continue progressing your journey to nourishing your mind-body connection, managing stress, improving sleep, and making nutritious choices that support your lifestyle and goals.

In the end, you achieve a greater sense of self-awareness around stress, sleep, and nutrition. You will also have an action plan for moving forward, and a greater sense of self-confidence in reaching your goals for a holistically healthy lifestyle.

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