New Year, Same You.

By Christina Kauffmann, Nectar Yoga Studios Community Coordinator

The holiday season ends and although it’s not always easy, it doesn’t take long to jump back into a routine. New Year resolutions are in full effect and the pursuit of a better year ahead has begun. It can be easy to feel the pressure to start or maintain a yoga practice, specific diet, or daily routine. I personally have been guilty of setting high expectations for myself because of the “new year, new you” concept and find myself disappointed when not every box was checked. This idea that we need to change who we are at the start of a year should be explored from a different perspective.

The truth is, you—the person you already are—has everything you need to find success in your goals. Instead of looking at how to improve, perhaps try looking for opportunities to grow. This is a great reason to reflect and reorganize anything in your practice to better serve you both on and off the mat. You can use this fresh start as motivation to reach your higher goals by connecting to the deeper meaning of where they originate rather than focusing on something new.

The goals you have chosen for yourself are specific to you for a reason. They indicate which direction in which you want to grow. However, the pursuit of perfection can overshadow the joy in the journey of progress. Let’s take your asana practice for example, if the goal is to hold a headstand, then allow yourself to discover different paths of getting there rather than be eager for the end product. Set smaller goals within this big one to enjoy the process and not find yourself discouraged. This does not hold you less accountable, instead it creates flexibility to discover other paths that may not have been so obvious when keeping your eyes on one target.

No matter what your New Year resolution is or whatever goals you have set for the near future, remember you have everything you already need to progress forward. Connect your goals to a greater personal journey and take a deeper look at where in your heart they originate. Be patient, kind, and compassionate towards yourself and strive to help yourself grow from where you are instead of changing because you feel you have to.

Dive deeper into your personal intentions:
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