Partner Prenatal Yoga

by Claire Sandberg, Blue Nectar Yoga Specialist Perinatal Instructor

In pregnancy it can often feel like there is an endless whirlwind ‘to do’ list of appointments, researching and choosing baby things, and planning. This, with all of the rest of life’s many demands, leaves very little time to be really present with the people we love. When was the last time you had the opportunity to do something together that helped you to really feel connected to each other and to your baby?

Welcoming a baby brings changes in all areas of life, some of the deepest shifts occur in our closest personal relationships. This is not something to be afraid of, but it is something to be aware of ahead of time. For many people, caring for a new baby changes the way they are able to spend time with their loved ones. Some ways to prepare are to talk about sharing household tasks in postpartum and to work at being open about expectations and feelings. Prioritizing some time during pregnancy to enjoy one another’s company and foster your connection to each other can also help to lay a strong relationship foundation. Jerusha Hull LCSW of Virtue Counseling recommends taking the time before your baby arrives to find out what your partner’s ‘love language’ is. 

This Winter I’m offering a series of three Partner Prenatal Yoga classes at Blue Nectar Yoga. A partner prenatal yoga practice is a great opportunity to spend time moving, breathing together and deepening your connection to your partner and your baby. This class is for anyone welcoming a baby, and their partner of choice. Your partner might be the person who will be supporting you in birth, a family member, or a close friend – everyone is welcome. There is no need to have any yoga experience at all – it’s an easy-going format. You can expect to spend some time doing breathwork together, making yoga shapes where you connect and mirror each other, learning some useful tips for working together in birth, and mindfully connecting to each other and your baby.

Partner Prenatal Yoga sessions on 

Saturday January 18 1-2.15pm
Saturday February 15 1-2.15pm 
Saturday March 14 1-2.15pm

You can join for one or all three!

To find out more about ‘love languages’ visit

Claire is a Specialist Perinatal Yoga Teacher, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, formerly an anesthesiologist, author of the Nurture & Nourish Yoga Perinatal Yoga Teacher Training Program and mother to two gorgeous boys. You can find out more at and follow her @nurture_nourish_yoga