Tips for Remaining Consistent with Your Yoga Practice in the New Year

By Vanessa Thomas, Power Nectar Yoga Studio Manager

It’s that time of the year where we begin to toss around phrases like “new year, new me” or start planning those resolutions for the year to come. While nothing is wrong with the goal, we need to ensure that we create actionable steps to achieve said goal. Perhaps you take an alternative approach to 2020 with “new year, better me”.

Yoga and fitness goals are often high on this list. Instead of making a goal of taking class every day why not set a more realistic goal of taking a yoga class at least once or twice a week. This is one you’re sure to stick to and sustain throughout the entire year!

Here are a few tips for remaining consistent with your yoga practice in the new year:

Have an accountability buddy

Yoga is always better with a friend! Maybe you bring someone new with you to the studio each week. Or perhaps you always practice next to the same person week after week and start to make a real connection as you spark conversation weekly. Having that accountability is key. Share your goals with that person. You’re less likely to make excuses for skipping class and falling off of your consistent practice. Let’s keep each other accountable in the new year!

Participate in studio challenges

Nectar Yoga studios offer many fun challenges throughout the year. These are specifically designed to give you that nudge to get you on the mat more often. In 2020 we’re launching the 100 club. When you take 100 classes in the new year you get a special gift. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there as long as you do. We’re here to encourage you along the way! 

Invest in a quality yoga mat

Purchasing a quality yoga mat is one way to push you towards stepping on it more in the new year. When you invest in something of quality it often triggers something in you so that you’re less likely to let it sit in a corner and collect dust. It also can improve your physical practice while making it more enjoyable. 

We currently have a new inventory of yoga mats at each of our studios as well as special holiday bundle sales. Pop in and gift yourself a new mat for the new year to come! Mention this blog post and save 15%!

Commit to membership

One sure way to remain consistent with your yoga practice in the new year is committing to a monthly yoga membership. When you have a monthly pass all you have to do is show up! 

Apart from our regular $99/mo unlimited membership, we currently have two amazing deals running until the end of the year. 

  • $999 annual unlimited membership – This unbeatable rate breaks down to $83/mo. You can enjoy unlimited classes at Blue Nectar or Power Nectar for the entire year. Sign up by emailing
  • $60 Flex membership – With this membership, you get one month of unlimited yoga classes and then 4 classes/mo thereafter with the option to upgrade or cancel at any time! This rate will go up Jan 1 so lock in your low rate now. You can postpone the date you’d like to start if needed! Sign up here!


Are you ready to remain consistent with your yoga practice in 2020? We’re right here with you!