What I loved most about Blue Nectar’s 200 Yoga Teacher Training

By Erica Piscitelli, Blue Nectar Yoga Studio Manager

Taking my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training had been on my mind for about 7+ years and I finally took the plunge Fall of 2018. Now I know this is a huge commitment, financially as well as time wise, but hopefully, I can shed some light on how truly amazing this training is! In true Erica nature, I could go on and on about this training but I narrowed it down to 3 main things that really shine in the Blue Nectar Teacher Training (BNYTT).

1. Allowing me to find the “rabbit hole” I want to dive down into.

I used the term “rabbit hole” a lot during my training process. Why? Because there are so many different places that yoga can take you and each topic just goes deeper and deeper (like a rabbit hole). BNYTT doesn’t just throw a yoga class sequence at you. Instead, they go over all the different types of yoga paths you can potentially take. Not to mention the conversations can spark ideas that aren’t brought up and you can discuss those ideas in confidence with your fellow TTers. Going into the training I had a very different mindset than when I came out. I thought I was going to just learn how to teach a class, which I did, but there was just so much more that I got out of it. The training really showed me that I was barely scratching the surface of Yoga. It also showed me how much I really wanted to learn, which is new to me as I was not the best student in school. I came out of the training having a more clear vision for where I would take my practice both personally and professionally. 

2. Anatomy Nerd!

One of my favorite subjects in TT was anatomy! We are blessed at BNY to have such knowledgeable instructors in our studio/TT that are able to share their brilliance with us! My previous training was very anatomy-based, so I was thrilled when we had the skeleton rolled into the studio for our anatomy days! Personally, I believe that understanding the human anatomy is just about the most important part of being a fitness instructor of any kind. This helps in preventing injuries from occurring, modifying for injuries that students are currently dealing with, safely sequencing a class that flows well, among many other things. I was so pleased that this BNYTT saw the importance of this as well. 

3. The connections made.

I had the pleasure of being among 6 other amazing and diverse women for my training. I am so honored to have met and trained alongside these women. They help me work through personal challenges as well as help me set the path for myself for future endeavors. We still keep in contact as most of them are here in the studio still, but when we are not here we have a group chat to share fun articles and such. When we can finally pick a date, we will see each other all together, haha. Words can’t describe the love I have for my fellow trainees, I wish I could spend another 200 hours with them!

The teaching staff was also an amazing source of comfort and knowledge. No question was too silly and we were able to speak freely when in discussions about all topics. I learned so much from them and still look to them for advice to improve my practice. 

I hope this will help you make the decision to join the next crew in the Blue Nectar Teacher Training! If you have any questions, I am always willing to chat! 

See you on the mat!


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