Office Yoga with Nectar Yoga Studios

Flip the way you think about workplace wellness upside down! Let’s be honest, lunch-and-learns are informative, but yoga with friends is fun!

You can have happier, healthier, productive employees. We can help. 

Nectar Yoga Studios offer on-site workplace, corporate and office yoga classes tailored to fit the needs of your employees.

Think outside the box. The yoga classes you provide for your employees on-location will have benefits that last long after the movement session. Give them tools to handle the stressors of office life; build camaraderie; demonstrate that you care by investing in your most valuable resource, the human one.

Our programming is designed to help employees stretch, strengthen, and release stress through mindful movement without ever having to leave the convenience of your company’s grounds.

Even better? We are a booming, locally owned yoga company who sends our brightest and best out of the studio, and into your space. We understand how to make it personal, and that connecting matters.

Nectar Yoga’s all-levels yoga classes are taught by skilled instructors and are suitable for anyone, even beginners. Sessions may include breathwork, meditation, and a yoga flow specifically for office physical and mental stress relief. By focusing on breath, balance, flexibility, and strength-building students will obtain an overall feeling of well-being.

Benefits of yoga in the workplace include:

  • Cultivating happier and healthier employees
  • Improving productivity through increased energy, focus, and concentration
  • Reducing mental and physical stress and tension
  • Developing better posture through a consistent practice
  • Lowering health care costs and decrease absenteeism
  • Building community and improve employee morale in the office

Classes can be scheduled at your convenience, and are ideally placed during lunchtime, break-times or after work.

Corporate all-access monthly yoga memberships for your company members to attend class at any of our Nectar Yoga Studio locations are also available at a special discounted rate!

Message us to set up a complimentary consultation with one of our studio managers to determine the best program for your workplace today!