Nectar Yoga Studios on Wheels

Off the mat, into the wild!

Making Space Retreats (Mind/Body/Soul Events)

Retreats are for “pulling back” from our routine schedule, and for digging in to deeper parts of ourselves.
Follow your curiosity, in a space and with people that support the inquiry.
Enjoy our retreats with the inspiration of nature as your backdrop! 

Our retreats are being offered in two formats: a one day intensive and a weekend exploration.
We are finalizing our retreat dates for the Winter of 2022!

Hiking and Yoga Adventures (Social Events)

Like peanut butter and jelly, yoga goes great with hiking (and friends)!
Get ready for fun outdoor events!
Dates for our one-day events and full yoga/hiking trips are already in motion.
New events and registration links will open again soon!


Team Development (Corporate Events)

Build your team in new and exciting ways with “On Wheels”.
Combine outdoors, yoga, and fun activities to invigorate and engage your staff!







Mobile Merch (Sweet Stuff)

Stickers, water bottles, t-shirts, tumblers … designed with inspiration and fun!











Who are we?

We’re seekers.
We’re adventurers, willing to try something new.
We’re kindred spirits making memories together in the best of ways.

What do we do?

Retreating with us ‘On Wheels’? Make space for a deep dive into yourself with nature as your backdrop.
‘On Wheels’ social events include a special all levels yoga class and a group hike. Afterwards, we head to a local brewery or winery for more fun! Some ‘on Wheels’ adventures are full-on weekend hike/yoga/camp trips!

Meet “Max”, our studio camper!

Look for “Max” upon arrival at our ‘On Wheels’ events! Here at the “base camp”, you’ll find your group.
Forget your water bottle or yoga mat? Need a cozy beanie hat to warm-up? We’ll ease your anxieties every way we can – so that yogis can hike and hikers can do yoga and retreaters can retreat – together, stress free, and full of fun!