Steve Etkin

Steve’s journey to teaching started with injuries from sprinting while working as a senior-level soccer referee. The injuries had as much to do with the ego as with an aging body. He planned to practice yoga to extend his referee life. Over time, he started spending less time on the pitch and more time in the studio, eventually stopping refereeing entirely and devoting the added time to his practice. His yoga practice has helped him overcome the ego thing while improving his strength, flexibility, and balance. He is RTY200 certified through the Yoga Alliance and is TRX Qualified. He teaches Vinyasa yoga from rookie to advanced levels. In addition, he teaches a fusion of Vinyasa and TRX, a suspension training system using body weight and gravity for resistance.


Steve enjoys the yoga studio community and receives energy from practicing with others. He hopes to impart to others the benefits he has gained from his practice, especially to those folks who think they cannot “do yoga.” He strives to make his classes fun and inspirational.


Having recently retired from a long stretch as a business CEO, Steve’s is becoming an avid Pickleball player, is developing a passion for bicycling and has always been a home projects type of guy.