Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

At Nectar Yoga, we know it takes a village

We’re not overstating things when we say yoga is a great tool for living a full life. It’s about finding balance and alignment, yoking your mind, body, and spirit. Frankly, for most of us at Nectar Yoga, the biggest most important thing in our lives is family.  We know that fitting it all in can be ambitious.

We also know that yoga is a part of the solution. Nectar has yoga that supports you.

Prenatal Flow Yoga

Prenatal flow yoga at NYS has the active woman in mind. Moms-to-be at any stage of pregnancy are encouraged to attend to feel the amazing benefits associated with a regular yoga practice during pregnancy. Focus on flowing yoga poses, syncing body and breath; stretch out the sticky spots, and enjoy a few well-deserved relaxing postures. Use yoga as a tool to prepare for labor and childbirth, and build a network of support. Mixed level (1/2), appropriate for all levels of prenatal participants. Birth partners are also welcome to attend class

Taught by well-qualified prenatal instructors. Sign-up on Mind Body Online.

Postnatal Yoga 6-week Course Series
A six-week course designed to nourish, restore and strengthen the body and mind after having a baby. Our practice will be focused on rehabilitating and strengthening the postpartum core muscles, stretching out tension in the chest, shoulders and back from nursing and holding baby, and restorative postures to support the body through this intense time. You will learn how to use mindfulness to help with the anxieties of caring for young children and make your parenting more joyful. A safe space for Mamas to relax and renew… come and take some time for that much needed self-care.

Intended for women who are 6 weeks postpartum and have been cleared to exercise by their medical team.

Advanced registration is required for all workshops and special events, as a minimum enrollment is needed. Sign-up on Mind Body Online.