Women’s Empowerment Retreat Series

What is the power of one day? Let us show you.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

From sunrise to sunset, accept the invitation to join retreat facilitators Jane Bahneman and Janeen Latini for a finely balanced and uplifting experience.

Change can be hard.  Change can be scary. Change can be exhausting.
AND … Change is transformative. Change is empowering. Change is a choice.
AND … Change does not have to be navigated alone.

What is the power of one day? Let us show you.

What this is:

  • A mindset refresh to support confident, inspired action in your life.
  • A thoughtfully planned day of honest conversation, meditation, yoga, and time in nature.
  • An activation of your energy to generate a refined focus on the life you desire for 2022.

What this is not:

  • A vision board,
  • A check the boxes,
  • A “I wish things were different” sort-of day.

Who are we to think we can lead this sort of thing?

Jane and Janeen are experienced C-suite level professionals who made bold choices to create the lives they imagined. They are women who abandoned the should-be’s and embraced the could-be’s in life.  They are successful business owners, dedicated moms, loving humans. Simply put, they are their own women who know that when we support each other, together we all rise.

How to engage:

We define “one empowering retreat day” as sunrise to sunset, beginning together at 6:30am and closing out around 5:00pm.

  • Take one day of the series for $499
  • Take the entire 3-part series (recommended) for $1199 (20% discount when purchased as a series)

Why invest in the series?

  • community – join a cohort of like-minded and like-hearted women
  • accountability – make and keep promises to yourself
  • practice – participating once is an event, twice is happenstance, three times makes a practice
  • results – share the choices you make on purpose and by design, and celebrate what opens up in your life.

Change is a journey – give yourself the gift of time.


*Email info@nectaryogastudios.com with questions or for assistance with 1-day registration.

The Plan:

February 26, 2022 Mind Your Mindset
Old beliefs are, well, old. They’ve served you so far, and now you want to do something a little different. Imagine what can happen when you identify and remove self-limiting beliefs and replace them with something rich and new. Get ready to mind your mindset to shift directions and create momentum.

March 19, 2022 Power of Possibility
Open-ness to “what if” can be scary! We are programmed for safety and often ask “What could go wrong?” Here, we challenge you to create space for “What can go right?” Let’s think in these terms: give your risk manager brain the day off, and invite your dream activator in.

April 30, 2022 (Act)ivate your Alchemy
You arrived whole; worthiness is your birthright. What you do in your life is alchemy … taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. At some point, you must trust yourself, let go of fear, and step forward with conscious action. Let’s untether ourselves from anything holding us back and dig deep into courage to create sustainable change.

Sample Schedule (times are approximate):

Time: Activity:
6:30-7:00am check-in and settle in at Power Nectar Yoga in Alexandria, VA
7:00-8:30am meditation, sunrise yoga practice (energizing), review the day ahead
8:30-9:00am snack, head to local outdoor site for time in nature and a walk / hike
9:00-11:00am outdoor activities (please bring layers and dress for the day’s weather)
11:00-1:00pm lunch on your own
1:00-1:30pm return to yoga studio
1:30-3:00pm workshop
3:00-3:30pm break
3:30-5:00pm meditation, sunset yoga practice (quieting), closing (with locally sponsored social hour)


Note: All yoga classes, hikes, and physical activities are for all fitness levels. Come as you are. You bring: open mind, open heart, yoga mat, layers of clothing, any special snacks you require, and hydration. We provide the rest.


*Email info@nectaryogastudios.com with questions or for assistance with 1-day registration.