Yoga for Heroes

To be of service to those who serve us

What Nectar offers you:

VIP Discounts: with valid ID, active and retired military and spouses, first responders, and nurses receive discounted pricing at all Nectar Yoga Studios. See below.

Power Nectar Yoga Hero’s Membership (unlimited yoga)
$129 per month on auto-renew includes unlimited in-studio classes and virtual classes (Regularly $159 per month)

Single Class and 5-Class Pack
All single class and 5-class packs are 20% off all the time for Heroes, with valid ID.

Best stated, “Yoga is not just good for first responders, it is meant for them.”
Olivia Kvitne, Founder and Director, Yoga for First Responders

It is widely known the rigors of the job and coping with the stress can take its toll. Much research has been done highlighting the benefits that a regular yoga and meditation practice can have in service personnel’s lives, which include:

  1. In a complex world, yoga is simple.It takes only a few minutes of conscious deep breathing to change the nervous system’s response. Practice intentional or tactical breath work and the benefits exponentially increase. Done any place and any time, from a squad car to a fire engine to a helicopter or in the field, there really is no good reason not to practice.
  2. The statistics are staggering.Heart disease, injuries, depression, PTSD, suicide, decreased predicted life span, failed relationships, incidence of domestic abuse – you likely know the devastating numbers if you work in the military and first responder community. Yoga requires that you become focused, self-aware, and strong in ways you may not have yet considered. Practiced consistently, the benefits of yoga are many and widely accepted.
  3. Yoga is probably not what you think it is, nor how you might see it marketed.Yoga is not for women more than men; it is not a religion, nor a cult. It is not for flexible people in expensive apparel, nor just for those who can already perform perfectly bendy yoga poses. Saying you won’t try yoga until you are flexible or calmer is like saying you won’t go to the gym until you are fit. See the irony in that? Yoga is rooted in over 5,000 years of tradition, its teachings have empowered sages and warriors and every common practitioner in between.
  4. Yoga is a tool.As an ancient practice, yoga is multidimensional and has many purposes. It can help manage stress in the mind and body, it can enhance physical and mental performance, it can develop resiliency. These are all tools that will raise the bar both personally and professionally.
  5. It is personal.The work done on your yoga mat is yours. No one needs to know exactly what you are working through. The very nature of the daily requirements of military or first responders’ jobs can leave residue felt deep in the mind and body lasting long into the future, and is often misunderstood. Just practice yoga because it feels good, and allow space for whatever “it” is to move through you.